The Tea-rrific Benefits of Priobiotic Teas by Bigelow

In today’s society and busy lifestyle, it’s difficult to consistently balance your health. Whether you are always on the go or you’re just simply too busy, life can get hectic and usually the first priority to fall on the wayside is health and wellness. This could mean lack of choosing healthy food options out of convenience for quick processed snacks or the neglect of going to the gym. With this common busy lifestyle, brands are noticing the consumer’s needs for products to be packed and paired with health benefits and convenience. Luckily, Bigelow (yes, the king of tea) has quickly responded by coming out with new turmeric and probiotic tea!

Bigelow has released two new teas with turmeric and two with probiotics — all loaded with health benefits while also being all natural. Check it out below!

  • Bigelow Matcha Green Tea with Turmeric“Unique, earthy blend of matcha, green tea and turmeric with a peppery finish”. This tea comes with the benefits of green tea by being loaded with antioxidants and nutrients, as well as having a slight dose of caffeine for the perfect morning pick-me-up! By also having turmeric, this tea becomes an anti-inflammatory powerhouse along with boosting skin health and reducing depression.
  • Bigelow Ginger Peach Turmeric Herbal Tea – “Invigorating blend of ginger and peach with a spicy kick”. The ginger in pair with turmeric help and support digestion, which is perfect to sip on after a meal. Since it has no caffeine and is an herbal tea, it works great as an after dinner treat with the sweet peach flavor!
  • Bigelow Green Tea with Ginger Plus Probiotics – “Supports healthy digestion”. The antioxidants from the green tea along with the ginger and infused probiotics, this tea is ideal in support of digestion and gut health. With the caffeine in mind, this would be an excellent pairing with or after breakfast. An easy addition with a great benefits!
  • Lavender Chamomile Herbal Tea with Probiotics  – “Supports healthy digestion”. As an alternative, this tea provides the same support for digestion and gut health while also being caffeine free. Plus, the added calming benefit of chamomile and lavender allows it to be perfect cup before bedtime or meditation.


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