Consulting & Services

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Influencer Events: Generate buzz through influencer efforts by
hosting specialized occasions

From setting clear objectives to scouting locations and venues to curating influencer guest lists to creating and sending invites to
coordinating logistics, timing,  required posting, etc.
(Ex: blogger brunches, collaborative efforts, grand openings, product launches, etc.)

Influencer Placements: Maximize exposure by collaborating efforts with niche influencers who target your specific audience
Identify key influencers to work with for your targeted audience through branded campaigns via facilitated messaging and relations
*Compiled influencer lists available upon request
(Lists can include follower count, e-mail address, demographics, etc)



Social Media Management: Full-service social media management services focusing on quality content and growth
Transform your social media presence with high-quality content, daily activity, and engagement through targeted strategy includes daily content, engagement, &  audience development

Cadence Calls: Routine phones calls to stay on track and discuss strategy and plan execution
(Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc.)
Track, analyze and discuss the planning, development, and management of content, growth, and engagement aligned with past and current performance and discovering trending topics and creating targeted campaigns



Content Editing: From aesthetic filters to cropping to color correcting, small tweaks can make the difference between a forgettable snapshot and a truly great photograph
Customized and cohesive filters & aesthetics to best suit your branding and imagery

Specialized Content & Imagery: Quality drives quantity. Quality content = engaged audience
Niche content creation and curation to best engage target audience. Execute vision for content and develop strategy for ongoing innovative content



Customized Media Kits: Mainly utilized as a package of information for journalists and media outlets to spread the word
1-10 pages to suit your business, product or services. Start kit with bio and intro page to specific stats and case studies. Also great for bloggers and influencers to share stats, insights, partnerships, & ROI

Website Design: Highly effective marketing tool to display all products and services in a one-stop shop platform with sleek design

Leverage an effective website from start to finish to gain the most success from social media advertising.

 Brand Positioning and Strategy Work 
– Branding + Brand DNA 
– Creative services + content creation, planning + execution
– Commercial planning (omni-channel planning)
– Social Media Marketing (strategy, paid and organic optimization)
– Community Management
– Influencer Marketing + Ambassador Program Management  
– Event Marketing
– Experiential Marketing
– Budget Planning Assistance
– Market Insights + Research
– Crisis Management + Media Relations
– Inclusion + Diversity (Site + Social Reviews)
– Marketing Insights and Trend Research
– Marketplace and New Channel Exploration 
– Brand Partnerships (Introduction to Execution)