Drink in a New Language

Although I’m personally not the biggest beer fan, I must say that Japanese Craft Beer was quite the game changer. To tell you a little bit more about it, 23 Japanese craft breweries have collaborated to formulate “Japanese Craft Beer” to gain more visibility and influence. This is an industry association striving to increase awareness and promotion of Japanese craft beer in the States.

Japanese craft beer does not fit a single flavor type which makes it that much more exciting. However, these craft beers do share some common ground. While the members of Japanese Craft Beer brew a wide range of styles, from German-style lagers to American-style IPAs, these beers tend to be low-malt and well-balanced, with plenty of flavor. The Japanese brewers produce authentic, harmonious, flavorful beer that is sure to appeal to American beer lovers.

The use of local ingredients like yuzu, wasabi, sansho, matcha, and more adds a uniquely Japanese twist on international beer styles, but the exquisite craftsmanship of these artisanal brewers simultaneously creates modern, harmonious brews that will be welcomed in the U.S. by casual enthusiasts and serious professionals alike.

With the legal landscape paved, craft breweries emerged rapidly across Japan throughout the 1990s, primarily focusing on German-Bohemian beer styles like kölsch, alt, and pilsner. However, as craft brewers gained expertise and honed their craft, some boosted by the country’s tradition of sake making, the industry has expanded its product portfolio to include seasonal pale ales, stouts, IPAs, and more.

A real explosion in both quality and recognition has occurred since 2010, as local and international beer drinkers realize the mastery that Japan’s craft brewers have quickly achieved. Both amateurs and connoisseurs alike will delight in the combination of careful craftsmanship and rich, unique flavors created by using native ingredients like yuzu, wasabi, and matcha.

Japanese craft beer is now ideally positioned to answer today’s demand among U.S. trade and consumers for discovery-worthy, low-malt beer crafted with authenticity.

New traditions: The Japanese craft beer movement has its roots firmly planted in traditional sake making, yet the beer is modern, well-balanced and flavorful. Some of the brewers have been making sake for generations and are now turning to craft beer.

Craftsmanship: Japanese craft beer makers brew beer of great quality and character that is handcrafted with diligent attention to detail. In a short period of time, Japanese craft brewers have worked to master the art of brewing.

Unique: American beer lovers will be surprised to discover brews made with local, native ingredients such as yuzu, sansho (Japanese pepper), or matcha. It is common to use sake rice as an adjunct, creating clean, harmonious flavors.

Approachable flavors: While these craft beers are authentically Japanese, they are also incredibly appealing to the American palate, with low-malt styles, rich flavor, and excellent balance.

Artisanal: A curated product crafted with care and attention, Japanese craft beer offers a special experience, as it is never mass-produced. Simultaneously, it is entirely accessible, never an out-of-reach luxury.

Drink in a New Language is a new marketing campaign designed to increase visibility and promote Japanese Craft Beer in the U.S. Using unique brewing techniques and exquisite craftsmanship, Japanese brewers produce authentic, harmonious, flavorful beer that is sure to appeal to American beer lovers.

Drink in a New Language and Japanese Craft Beer are driven by the JFOODO (Japan Food Product Overseas Promotion Center), a government organization devoted to the promotion of Japanese agricultural and food products abroad.

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