Birthday Bashin with PremiumShotz

PremiumShotz is the one-stop, no-fuss photo booth rental experience that I quickly fell in love with after my Noir Tie Affair birthday party. Honestly, I booked my session for my party within minutes; it was so easy! The rental session includes the equipment (including a high-quality DSLR), the lighting, service staff, customizable layouts, backdrop options, and props. Prior to the booked rental session, I was able to create and customize a layout that would match my themed birthday party, as well as choose a backdrop from their large variety of options.

The staff arrives a couple hours early and takes care of the entire setup of the open air booth so you do not have to worry about a thing. They also stay throughout the entire rental session to assist with the equipment, lighting, or anything you may need! They were very friendly and professional, plus their lighting setup was on point for all the shots!

The photo booth itself is extremely user friendly with an interactive touchscreen so you and a group of friends can quickly get a photoshoot in before the next song came on. The interactive screen also works as the visual display so you know what the picture will look like before it is captured. In addition, they had the option of creating fun Boomerang Sliders, which were easily shareable on Instagram and other platforms. My guests had a lot of fun with this!

One of the best features is that you can get a high-quality digital version sent over to your email so you can share it on your social media platforms instantaneously. I loved this convenient feature and so did my guests!

Once the rental session came to an end, the staff takes care of the clean up. They pack up their equipment, clean the area, and do so in a quick manner.

PremiumShotz made this experience so easy and fun!


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