From point A to point 2B: Final Furnishes with Apt 2B


As many of you know, I couldn’t stay away from California for too long. A few months ago I moved back to San Francisco from New York into a lovely apartment in SOMA neighborhood. Great location, check. Awesome roommates, check. Rent that doesn’t break my bank (barely), check. My tireless cross country move was finally complete, except, wait… Besides the necessities like mattress and dresser, my bedroom walls were blank and my floor barren.

It’s exciting to move into a new place because you have the opportunity to redecorate your room with whatever theme your heart desires. It’s fun to get lost in the world of Pinterest, browsing among bohemian styles, DIY wall decor, and overpriced throw recommendations. What I underestimated, however, what just how tricky it is to compile all the pieces into one, cohesive style that both fits your personality AND your wallet.

I decided to go with Apt2B, a furniture and home decor retailer that offers affordable, stylish options for your new apartment. Since they’re mainly online and without retail costs, they’re able to offer decent prices on nice furniture, and there are endless cute options! I was happy to finally have found a one-stop shop for decorating my new room. I wanted a clean, uncluttered space with energy, so I went with a modern theme with pops of color. Specifically, I ordered the Huntley Drive Upholstered Bed in Performance Teal, the Marco Sofa in Biloxi Blue, and placed the Burcu Korkmazyurek Floral and Bird Canvas above the sofa for a splash of pink.

I was so impressed with the quality and stylish pieces that arrived at my place a few weeks later! The bed’s teal color is definitely bright, but not overdone and accented nicely with a rustic nailhead trim. It’s also cushy so I find myself leaning back on it and going on my computer or reading. The couch pairs well with the bed frame but isn’t too matchy matchy, and I’ve already received compliments from guests on how comfy it is. It could probably fit three people spaciously, or even four if you got cozy. Finally, I think my favorite piece has to be the pink flamingo canvas I hung on my wall above the couch. It’s just the right pink to complement the teal furniture, and also expresses my personality.


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