Mindful Meals in the Marina

Post work out goodies are one of the best part about working out besides the feel good mood that comes from those endorphins! Work out, work up a sweat, work up an appetite, repeat. SF has something for everyone with its endless offerings of boutique workout classes and prime foodie scene within each neighborhood, whether you’re in FiDi after work, getting that early morning class in the Marina, checking out a local yoga studio in the Mission or running by the Bay Bridge. Some of my personal favorite neighborhoods to work out and dine out after work include The Marina, Hayes Valley, and FiDi.

The Marina is basically the mecca of workout studios. From yoga to pilates to cardio classes, it’s basically the Miracle Mile of break-in’ a sweat. Barry’s, Rumble, and CorePower are all basically neighbors so there’s no shortage or boredom factor when it comes to picking your next communal sweat spot.

With that said, that also means there’s certainly no shortage of cafes and restaurants either when it comes to the Marina. Whether you’re looking to dine al fresco and people watch all the Brads, Thads, and Chads and all of the Marina moms and their dearly beloved pups, there’s no dull moment in the Marina.

Causwells: 2346 Chestnut St, San Francisco, CA 94123

Whether you’re kraving a bomb burger, toppings galore-filled salad or gourmet chicken and couscous dish, my go-to spot is Causwell’s if you want to sit down and enjoy a meal tucked away towards the end of the Marina. It’s on Chestnut where it tends to get super busy and bustled with locals. Outdoor seating is my personal preference when it’s a nice day out and this spot is ideal for that. If you love classic American fare with a Californian twist, this is your new favorite spot.

Project Juice: 2234 Chestnut St, San Francisco, CA 94123

When it comes to bowls, particularly nut butter-laden açaí fruit bowls, I’m a total fiend. I typically make smoothie bowls at home everyday but when I’m in the area, I can’t help but drop by and have one of their chaga lattes.

Souvla: 2272 Chestnut St, San Francisco, CA 94123

If you’re a fanatic for Greek food, Souvla is hands down the best spot. The atmosphere and ambiance is intimate yet cozy and inviting. Better yet, the menu is so simple yet so delicious. My go-to is the sweet potato bowl and I like to add pea shoots and chicken for added protein so I can stay full longer. Perfect pick me up after work! If you’re not a fan of the Marina, there’s also a location in Hayes Valley and the Mission. Fun fact: Michelle Obama got Souvla for her flight back to DC once upon a time. Just in case you needed another reason to check this spot out 😉

SF is FILLED with an overwhelming number of tasty hidden gems, whether they’re mom-and-pop cafes or your favorite salad spot like Mixt or Sweetgreen, as many as there are workout classes, there are even more yummy food spots to check out after your sweat sesh whether you’re with your friends, co-workers, significant other seeking a fun group grub sesh or solo smoothie bowl break.

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