Home Sweet WFH with Desenio

Officially a homeowner and am eternally grateful for this milestone. I’m grateful for the roof over my head, to live so close to my family and friends, and to host intimate dinners. Especially with the quarantine lifestyle this past year has brought upon us, I’ve truly embraced solitude, peace, and the fun of decorating your own personal space. Which is exactly why I was so excited to be gifted the Soft Pinks gallery wall art. I’m a huge fan of soft feminine colors and neutrals so I naturally chose this one, particularly since the concept of my home is mostly monochromatic with a chic yet modern touch. 

I decided to place it in my office because when I work, I enjoy feeling at peace and ease and these subtle floral designs do just that. If you’ve ever tried looking for art prints online you know how much of a pain it can be. You spend hours looking for something modern and cool, but also somewhat unique, and then you finally find it. Now you need to spend even more time looking for a frame to go with it.

Desenio let me choose three framed posters to brighten up our home. I got sucked into their great range of inspirational and motivational art prints. It was so hard to narrow down the choices! In the end I chose ones that would go well in our new extension when it happens. For now will look just as lovely around our home as it is at the moment.

Maybe you’re lucky and you find a frame in the exact size and style you need, but most likely you will need to order a custom one. Well, inevitably you end up getting something that doesn’t quite fit because ordering a custom frame with the right measurements can be quite complicated. And the whole experience ends up being so frustrating and time-consuming. Not with Desenio though!

One of my favorite things about Desenio is that for every print they sell, there is an option to add a frame in the exact size you need. They have a number of frame options from white to light and dark wood, as well as copper, gold silver and black. The frame shapes are clean, simple and go perfectly with the prints. If you’re looking to buy more than one artwork for your place, this makes it easy to make sure all of your various frames are in the same style and go together.

I have written before about my love of wall art, quotes, quality prints and artwork. When Desenio got in contact to introduce me to their range of posters it’s easy to admit that I spent the best part of an evening browsing their store.

The posters are great quality, on really thick, heavy weight paper and the frames keep them in perfect condition. They are also sent really well packaged. The posters were in a tube to make sure they arrived in perfect condition.

I absolutely love my new posters from Desinio and will definitely be looking into more in the future (when I buy an even bigger house!). They give your home such a simple update which is so affordable too. They are a great option if creating a gallery wall.

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