Tulum Takeover: Escape and Experience El Dorado Paired with Kendall Jackson Wines

Hola amigos! Planning your next tropical vacation and don’t know where to stay? El Dorado by Karisma is hands down, undoubtedly the place to be. Disclaimer: you’re welcome in advance. Post-card worthy bungalows to tell your friends you wish they were with you, swaying palm trees slowly dancing to the rhythm of the wind, and unlimited pina coladas to sip away at your convenience..Welcome to Heaven, ahem, I mean El Dorado.

El Dorado is a world-class all inclusive resort that . You can make this trip whatever your heart desires it to be. Just want to lay in the sun and bake until you become a golden medal and chug spicy margaritas all day while reading your favorite book or snooze? Be their guest. Want a massage on the beach whilst listening to the waves crash against the shore? Please go right ahead. Every part of El Dorado embodies its own unique vibe – El Dorado Karisma is the well-rounded resort fit for all age groups and celebrations whereas Casitas Royale is ideal for couples and honeymooners and the Generations Riviera Maya is super family friendly suitable for children and parents.

Feeling super active and want to go scuba diving, bike riding, and sky gliding in a matter of a few hours? El Dorado is your oyster! Want to get out of the resort and tour Tulum? Get out and do it! Want to take full advantage of the all-inclusiveness and gorge yourself? You can do that too – no judgments here, amigo.

With so many options – El Dorado: Cocola, Jojo’s, Fuentes Culinary Theater, Kampai, La Isla, Rincon Mexicano, Santa Fe Grill, Spot, Bellini’s Bar, and Gaviotas, you definitely can’t go hungry here especially when there’s an abundance to choose from. Each restaurant embodies its own ambience and cuisine.

Can this get any better? Oh indeed it can. With the partnership between the resort and Kendall Jackson Family Winery Culinary Series, your experience is heightened to a whole new level. The collaboration provides a series of culinary and wine tasting that your taste buds will thank you for immediately.

Every month throughout the year, Karisma Hotels & Resorts hosts a series of engaging, informative and interactive dining experiences celebrating the perfect pairing of fine wine and gourmet cuisine beneath the stunning skies of Riviera Maya, Mexico. Hosted by noted chefs and wine personalities, the true star of the show is the taste and perfect balance between wine and dish. Special events include access and insight into highly sought-after wines, vertical tastings, cooking classes, special pairings, and an exclusive Guest Chef and Wine Master Dinner.

The first night welcomed dinner on the beach. Not next to the beach, not near the beach, ON the beach. It was simply a dream come true. With a buffet style set of offerings from grilled veggies to a variety of tender meats to a table full of desserts and of course an open bar of Jackson Family Wines. It was a truly majestic scene to say the very least.

The next night welcomed a private tasting with the Kendall Jackson master himself and celebrity Chef Neal followed by a multi course dinner that included:

The following night was a special dinner where celebrity Chef Neal cooked in front of the guests and thoroughly explained every ingredient and why he incorporated it into his dishes.

Tulum is a must-see with its Mayan ruins – so rich in history and culture. I loved the town with all of its flea market like shops as I was sipping on a giant pineapple.

Above all, it was an impeccable trip with never-ending opportunities to taste, drink, and experience Mexico with the #ElDoradoExperience.

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