Superfood to feel Supergood

During the time of this pandemic, we’ve all been experiencing the shelter-in-place and social distancing as a time for ourselves in our individual ways. It’s given me ample time to not only take this time for self reflection, but also self care. I’ve begun practicing new forms of self care, from what I put on my face to what I ingest in my body. For the latter, I’ve geared my focus to ensuring what I consume includes immune system strengthening and energy boosting benefits, especially to keep myself vitalized during this pandemic and as I maintain my daily routine.

I discovered Superfoods Tabs from Superfoods Company and was thoroughly elated after a few weeks of incorporating a single tablet in my daily routine. Not only did I feel a boost of confidence after finishing my fizzy drink, it kept my energy levels high and steady throughout my day. It’s also a huge added benefit that they source their caffeine through green tea, so I don’t experience the typical jitters and crashing I would normally feel with a cup of coffee. The Superfoods Tabs is organic and non-GMO while including 15 natural superfoods to flush toxins and improve skin and gut health. My order of the Superfoods Tabs arrived right to my door through contactless delivery and I immediately started my mornings off with a glass of superfoods as apart of my daily routine.

I appreciate how easy and convenient it is to intake my superfoods with just drop a tablet into my glass of water to have along with my breakfast. No shaking or stirring required! The way they coalesce a variety of mighty nutritious foods into a tablet helps put my mind at ease that my body is being taken care of, especially during this time when we need to be taking extra precautions. You can read up further on how Superfoods Tabs can enhance your daily routine here:

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